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I do NOT take it for granted, I know How very blessed I am. <3
This will be made into a shirt or something I can take into the egg retrieval AND transfer.
#TestimonialTuesday  My name is Jessica and I live in Central California. When I first decided to become a surrogate mother, I was really nervous about the whole process. That all changed when I ...  https://www.familyformation.com/testimonials/
Still, the second most magical day of my life was the day I made someone else a mom.  Surrogacy. Surrogacy in Canada. Infertility. Infertility Awareness. Egg Donor. Egg Donation. Canadian Fertility Consulting
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People mean well, but they are curious and don't know what quite to say. Awkward comments are a regular thing when you have had a child through surrogacy.
Surrogacy 101 Infographic: Curious about surrogacy? Great! Here we break down the process with an easy to follow infograph.