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Click the image to visit the University at Buffalo Libraries catalog and learn more about the film, including library location information. #ublibraries #film #sciencefiction #soylentgreen #dystopia #environmentalism #overpopulation #newyorkcity #charltonheston

Ivanova and Delenn girl bonding time :); Babylon 5 rewatch 2x7/ So can you explain me why this THIS THIS refuses to cooperate???

Babylon 5 - Minbari Federation - Sharlin War Cruiser: These are the main capital ships of the Minbari fleet. What I find interesting is that all three castes of Minbari society possess ships like these, which allowed the Religious and Worker castes to support Sheridan when he needed them.


'Defiance' Season 3: First Look at the Trailer and the New Aliens

When the Syfy's "Defiance" returns for its third season on June residents will come face to face with an off-world race long thought extinguished: the Omec.