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Click the image to visit the University at Buffalo Libraries catalog and learn more about the film, including library location information. #ublibraries #film #sciencefiction #soylentgreen #dystopia #environmentalism #overpopulation #newyorkcity #charltonheston

On the 30 October 1938, #OrsonWelles broadcast his radio play of H. G. Wells's The War of the Worlds. In the days following the adaptation, however, there was widespread panic by certain listeners, who had believed the events described in the program were real. EVEN IF IT'S SF, IT HAS AN UNDENIABLE POWER THAT HAS DRAWN READERS THROUGH THE 20TH CENTURY.

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How to Write Descriptive Passages Without Boring the Reader or Yourself

Nikolai Tesla was a visionary and got railroaded out of fame and fortune by Edison. And yet the only way I can picture him is as portrayed by Bowie in The Prestige. :)

The Andromeda Strain - Michael Crichton 1969 - one of the first 'serious' books I read! And loved the original movie, too.

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100 Best Sci Fi Movies Ever

Best Sci Fi Movies of All Time - 100 Best Science Fiction Films Ever

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Total Recall (1990)

"Total Recall" > 1990 > Directed by: Paul Verhoeven > Action / Adventure / Science Fiction / Sci-Fi Action / Space Adventure / Tech Noir

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50 Brilliant Science Fiction Movies That Everyone Should See At Least Once

25 classic science fiction movies that everybody must watch

Metropolis (1927) German expressionist science-fiction film directed by Fritz Lang

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What Babe? // Labyrinth Alternate Movie Poster // Goblin King Quote, Snowy Owl, and Bramble Silhouette Print

80s Science Fiction and Fantasy Cult Film // Labyrinth Movie Poster // 11x17 Vintage Art Print

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Shonda Rhimes To Produce Android Sci-Fi Thriller For ABC Written By Dave DiGilio

MILA 2.0 by Debra Driza. $12.98. Publisher: Katherine Tegen Books (March 12, 2013). Reading level: Ages 13 and up. Series - Mila 2.0. Author: Debra Driza. 480 pages. Save 28% Off!