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Not even Government Controlled, Liberal Controlled or Conservative Controlled. 'When the People can't trust the media, then they trust no one." When the News was just the Facts not your companies opinion of the News. I can think for myself, and draw my own opinion. Leave the Editiorial for the end of the news cast.

Paul David Washer (born 1961) is the Founder/Director & Missions Coordinator of HeartCry Missionary Society which supports indigenous missionary work. Washer's sermons tend to have an evangelistic focus on the gospel and the doctrine of the assurance of salvation and predestination, and he frequently speaks against modern church practices such as the sinner's prayer, and a focus on numerical church growth.

If he's draining a swamp it's just to build a flimsy structure on top to sell to the gullible. Believe me, he's a sleazy con artist and that's all he'll ever be. He's in this to fill his pockets and screw anyone stupid enough to believe he cares about them.