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Start everyday off with a smile. #Zorpia #Life

Start everyday off with a smile life quotes quotes quote smile life inspiration life sayings

A smile is the best makeup any girl can wear.   #inspirationalquotes #livehappy #1fw http://www.onefitwidow.com

A smile is the best makeup and girl can wear! So true to all you girls who think ur not beautiful without that makeup u are so keep on smiling

There's always room to be a better person. Always. #wisdom #affirmations

How to prepare for an interview: Use this easy checklist

To Be better, think better and do better. All in regards to truth and kindness, in my book. Be a better person. Be a better person

Good advice as your bully, your satanic boss/manager or enemy just doesn't know what you're thinking and what your next move is, it's perfectly un-nerving.

Alcohol Inks on Yupo

"Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory." -Dr. Seuss

I love cat in hat, and Dr. And so true, memories are so unpredictable. The trips I thought I'd remember forever aren't, and the worst things became funniest memories!

I know this is what I want. It is what I need to do. Sometimes though, I don't know what standards I am being held to. Things are expected of me that friends don't really do. Not in any kind of "weird" way.... The standards are just higher. It can be confusing.   All I know is I want to make you happy forever.

Love quote idea - "There comes a time when you meet someone and you just want to make them smile for the rest of your life." {Courtesy of Love This Pic}

Smileeeeeee that brilliant brightness love... always... forever... good morninggg love...

What Will You Die For?

Wake up with a smile and go after LIFE. And how could I not be happy if I had pink high tops.

YEP!! Pretty darn accurate and feels so incredibly awesome. I want you & this forever my love!! I LOVE YOU!! <3

Sending or receiving cute text messages is an ideal way to brighten up a day or to bring a smile to your partner’s lips.

Taking inspiration from words, let whatever you do today be enough and put away the perfectionism that we hold inside

Life with Fibromyalgia/ Chronic Illness [My note: remember depression, anxiety, and migraines are also considered chronic illnesses.