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Clouded Leopard Large paws with long, sharp claws help clouded leopards climb trees. Their grip is so firm that these cats can even hang upside down from tree branches.

clouded leopard - LOOK AT THE PAWS

"HELP....tell him I didn't do it"

The Trump Freak Sons killed a leopard just like this. After seeing them in the wild, I just can't stand it!! PIGS AND MURDERERS


A Beautiful Clouded Leopard

The clouded leopard living in the Himalayan foothills, Southeast Asia and China. Its total population is fewer than 10,000

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The Endangered Snow Leopard ~ The snow leopard is a large cat native to mountain ranges in Central and South Asia.

I don't know what this crazily cute burst is I'm just gonna call it the Mohawk Birdy...he's pretty rad. ;)