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Attention to angry faces can predict future depression -- ScienceDaily

Attention to angry faces can predict future depression -- ScienceDaily

Elijah Wood | Martin Schöller Look Black Background / Striplights/Softboxes front and center plus a spot up high.

The Kate Upton GQ Magazine GIF Collection

Elijah Wood. He brought one of my favorite characters to life and he is a very interesting man. I'd love to have a cup of tea with him.

Frodo is my favorite hobbit. He has incredible eyes and such a bright smile. Elijah wood was really only a boy when he played Frodo. I mean, 19 years old, that gifted and that gorgeous? Some people get it all. # lord of the rings

Elijah Wood and Sir Ian McKellen (Frodo and Gandalf)

Ian McKellen and Elijah Wood (who played the fictional characters Gandalf and Frodo in the lord of the rings movies). McKellen is of course gay.

Elijah Wood- baby blue eyes!

You have amazing eyes.The right ones suspicious and the left one wants my love

He would be perfect for William...Orr.....Solomon Caldien (the grandfather of juniper)

Afternoon eye candy: Guys in ties (27 photos)

In honor of the birthday of the wonderful Elijah Wood, the main character of one of the top epic movie sagas of all time, I will be. pinning a bunch of stuff about him and the rest of the cast so sorry not sorry I love him and everyone on that cast

Portrait of a celebrity that makes them look ordinary. Elijah wood

Powerful, edgy, hip, and cool. This is a headshot idea I want to capture.