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THE BALLAD OF ANDY CROCKER 1969 TV movie. Soul singers Marvin Gaye and Bobby Hatfield (The Righteous Brothers) co-star in this, "Coming Home from Vietnam" film. Also on hand is country singer Jimmy Dean. On DVD.

GEORGIA, GEORGIA (1972), women’s liberation, the Vietnam War, American war deserters in Europe, black power, homosexuality. It’s soon apparent that Georgia’s bulletproof, bitchy facade is just a façade, and when she lets her guard down she’s a confused, lonely and conflicted woman. The only person permitted to see Georgia in this fragile state is Mrs. Anderson (Minnie Gentry), One of Sands' few star vehicles and the only one she was alive to see released.

GAS-S-S 1970 - ON DVD. Counter-culture, road-trip midnight hippie movie. Rock 'n' roll by Country Joe and the Fish. A gas has accidentally been released that kills everyone over the age of 25. A hippie on the run from the police teams up with a cute scientist chick and the two go on a road trip in a pink Edsel trying to find a rumored hippie Utopia. Along the way they hook up with two couples—a revolutionary and his pregnant "oldies" rock n roll fanatic girlfriend and their weirdo pals.

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Lucia Lynn Moses was a beautiful and bodacious Jazz Baby who performed at the Cotton Club, and debuted in the Musical, From Dixie to Broadway. She performed along side legend Florence Mills on stages across the world. She would soon become a leading dramatic Actress in Black silent films, but would always return to the theater, starring in a revival of Show Boat in 1932.

A Taste Of Honey was written by Shelagh Delaney when she was 18. It's a major example of British "Kitchen Sink" drama a movement associated with the "Angry Young Men" writers who wanted British drama and literature to address the lives of working class and lower middle class people previously usually the subjects of farcical comedies.

LADYBUG LADYBUG 1963 This powerful film creeps up on your emotions; it's very well acted with intense subject matter. The setting is shortly after the Cuban Missile Crisis when fallout shelters and Civil Defense educational films were common. The story follows how the children and Mrs. Andrews deal with the coming end-of-the-world. The story packs a powerful punch, is based on a real-life situation and the ending will leave you freaked out. on DVD.

Murder by Invitation . 1941. The relatives of a rich old woman unsuccessfully try to have her declared insane, so they can divide up her money. To show them that there are no hard feelings, she invites them to her estate for the weekend so she can decide to whom she actually will leave her money when she dies. Soon, however, family members begin disappearing.

Sam McDaniel in HEAVENLY DAZE Date of Birth 01-28-1886/09-24-1962 Trivia Brother of Hattie McDaniel. Brother of actress Etta McDaniel. Sam was the only black actor to appear on the predominately white American television show "I Love Lucy" (1951). However, like most black actors at the time, he played a porter. Had his own jazz band in the 1920s, playing on radio and on the vaudeville circuit. The lead singer was his longtime girlfriend Roberta Hyson.