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THE BALLAD OF ANDY CROCKER 1969 TV movie. Soul singers Marvin Gaye and Bobby Hatfield (The Righteous Brothers) co-star in this, "Coming Home from Vietnam" film. Also on hand is country singer Jimmy Dean. On DVD.

TAKE A GIANT STEP 1959. ON DVD. "Sometimes Teenage is spelled T-N-T!" A very unique and underrated 1950s teenage movie—about a black teenager living a white world. R&B singer Johnny Nash plays Spence, a well-heeled black teenager who gets kicked out of his white, middle-class high school for making a scene during a discussion of slavery during history class. Later that day his white friends tell him he can't attend an event because some of the parents don't like "colored" people.

NORTHERN SOUL OF THE 1970s - Northern Soul was the most exciting underground British club movement of the 1970s. At its highpoint, thousands of white working class youths across the north of England danced to obscure, mid-60s Motown-inspired 45 rpm records until dawn. On DVD.

EXPLOSION 1969. My son, the draft dodger! Back in the late 1960s people took drugs and made "statement films" with lots of flashbacks. This is one of them. Two brothers spend quality time together before the older flees to Canada to avoid Vietnam. When the boy's girlfriend and father shame him for being a draft dodger, he goes to war...and dies. On DVD.

LADYBUG LADYBUG 1963 This powerful film creeps up on your emotions; it's very well acted with intense subject matter. The setting is shortly after the Cuban Missile Crisis when fallout shelters and Civil Defense educational films were common. The story follows how the children and Mrs. Andrews deal with the coming end-of-the-world. The story packs a powerful punch, is based on a real-life situation and the ending will leave you freaked out. on DVD.

REVOLUTION 1968 ON DVD. Primarily filmed in the Hippie Hill and Panhandle areas of Golden Gate Park, this "60s San Francisco Hippie Scene" documentary features interviews with those who call themselves hippies, or identify with hippies. The counter-culture is revealed in discussions about sex, drugs, philosophy and lifestyle. Casual sex and marijuana use are the main activities of one group. A nun who has left the order reveals her decisions to join the counterculture.

3 IN THE ATTIC 1968 movie. When the girls discover he's been using them, they decide to kill sex! They lock him in an attic and over a period of weeks "force" him to have sex him until he becomes so weak he nears death. Kind of makes owning a home not a bad idea. On DVD.

HOLLYWOOD FILMS 1933-1965 on DVD. Hollywood Films is a collection of short films chronicling the golden age of Hollywood from its movie stars and film production to the technological developments that kept Hollywood at the forefront of the entertainment industry.

NINA SIMONE LIVE IN THE 1960s on DVD. Nina Simone cannot be ignored. Her performing style and lyrics will leave you spellbound and amazed. Her songs are emotional with powerful messages of political and social significance.

GIRLS OF THE ROAD 1940. Girl juvenile delinquent hobos! Kay Warren, the daughter of a governor, becomes emotionally involved in the troubles of runaway homeless girls during the Depression. When her father refuses to take action based on information in a report, Kay decides to do something about the growing problem so she leaves home disguised as a girl hobo on the run. On DVD!