THE BALLAD OF ANDY CROCKER 1969 TV movie. Soul singers Marvin Gaye and Bobby Hatfield (The Righteous Brothers) co-star in this, "Coming Home from Vietnam" film. Also on hand is country singer Jimmy Dean. On DVD.

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RARE 1965 Original 35mm Negative HANDSOME Actor LEE MAJORS "BIG VALLEY" STAR | eBay

Lee Majors,Favorite Things

Lee Majors,Favorite Things

PLAY IT AS IT LAYS 1972 DVD. Hollywood Decadence. The lives of the rich and bored Los Angeles film community are examined through a fragmented lens in Play It As It Lays. In Hollywood, the idle rich have money, but little else. The sun is always shining, everyone drives a sports car and cocktails are sipped in expensive Malibu homes. If you've ever read a headline about a person who "has it all" and commits suicide, this film may offer an understanding of how that could happen.

UP IN THE CELLAR 1970 movie. Complete un-cut, nude version. Up In The Cellar is a satire of many things; radical college students, adult establishment hypocrisy, American justice and the late 60s sexual revolution. On DVD.

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