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Autosuggest Address for SugarCRM - Get more accurate addresses and speed up data-entry time. Auto-suggests addresses as you start to type. Auto-fills street, city, state, country, and zip code reducing address entry time by 90%. Works world-wide. Simplified data entry for contacts, accounts, and leads.

GeoSearch - Create highly targeted lists by searching for Accounts, Contacts, or Leads within a certain radius of a city right from within SugarCRM. Geocoding is done automatically behind the scenes whenever a new record is created or an address has been changed. Existing records with no geocode will also be updated.

Metro Theme Pro - This new theme has a clean and professional style. Includes great features such as a record preview right from the list view, list of last assigned records and a subpanel toolbar. Works great on tablets including the dynamic menu bar and clear input fields.

SugarCRM Asterisk - Best Sugar Asterisk Integration, including click to call, call popup, call recording, works with any version of Sugar and any version of Asterisk.

Teleseller - Great for Call Centers. Efficiently handle outbound calling with Teleseller. Create targeted call lists using SugarCRM's "Target Lists" feature. Then work through the outbound calls quickly with Teleseller's ability to make notes and log calls right from the lists.

Implicit FrontEnd - SugarCRM Outlook Integration. Implicit FrontEnd creates a new paradigm for interacting with SugarCRM. We'll bring CRM to your inbox. It provides a comprehensive Outlook integration that makes all CRM data and functionality accessible to users from within Outlook allowing them to perform their daily CRM work without leaving Outlook.

Kickoff - Manually run scheduler jobs with the click of the button. Great for testing and debugging your schedulers. Stop waiting on the cron and get your work done faster.

Customer Portal - A flexible, modern customer portal that is perfect for support, lead generation, or many other purposes. Within minutes, have a customized portal for your company that easily integrates and works with SugarCRM. With unlimited concurrent portal users you can decrease operating costs while improving your customers' overall experience.

Release the power of QuickBooks accounting in your SugarCRM. RT QuickBooks facilitates and streamlines organizational processes and reduces work load.

ETLS-ETL for SugarCRM - An ETL tool that works with all editions offering fast data uploads using the latest SugarCRM API methods. Designed to synchronize your existing applications data with both standard and custom SugarCRM modules.