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YES. Thranduil has been through a LOT. He witnessed the loss of his father Oropher and 2/3 of his kin in the Battle of the Last Alliance, and he unexpectedly became king of Mirkwood and has endeavors to rule his people well ever since. His wife was killed by Orcs, so he basically raised Legolas by himself. The Dwarves won't give his wife's necklace back. He fears Sauron and Orcs, yet fights against them 2x (3x if you count War in the North in the books). Thranduil is so brave and strong!


Legolas Greenleaf....and the gif ruining dwarf. << Don't dis Gimli!!

jaynaemariemiller: Thousand words has a picture, a million words a man, yet no one reads them anymore and into lore they pass.Goodnight to you once again, as I take my leave. I will wait for you on the edge of tomorrow, where all of glory lies. Where all we love and cherish never really dies.—Jaynae Miller (5-5-15)

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