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S02E06 -- The Crusade -- It's 12th Century Palestine and King Richard the Lionheart is embroiled in a Holy War against the Saracen ruler, Saladin. After Barbara is abducted in a Saracen ambush, the Doctor, Ian and Vicki make their way to the King's palace. At first, the King will not help with her rescue, but he relents and lets Ian attempt it, equipping him for the task with a knighthood.

zanderpants: I.M. Foreman Scrapyard 76 Totter’s Lane, London The setting of the very first episode, An Unearthly Child, of Doctor Who, and where it all began. Where Ian and Barbara came to check on Susan, and meet her grandfather, the Doctor.

Ian and Barbara leave the Doctor - Doctor Who - The Chase - BBC --- Not a fan of the way they left, but I do love Ian. definitely feel like he's an underrated companion.

008 The Reign of Terror by Dennis Spooner Illustrated by thisisaslongas Intent on finally throwing Ian and Barbara out, the Doctor takes the TARDIS back to Earth… but this isn’t their era. They arrive in an era of death and fear - The French Revolution.  The travellers become embroiled in an escape chain saving people from the guillotine and the Doctor twice faces execution from the tyrant Robespierre while Ian and Barbara have a run in with a young Napoleon.   STORY FACTS ~ Parts 4 and 5…

unwillingadventurer: 30 days of summer break Doctor Who. Day 04- Favourite relationship on Doctor who.- Doctor, Ian, Barbara and Susan. They have the perfect relationship because their relationship isn’t perfect. Our favourite relationship is the original team TARDIS. The dynamic is so wonderful.  The Doctor doesn’t choose his companions, they are all thrust together for a spirited adventure and like a real family they have to learn to work together to make their relationships strong and to…

Picture By Jim Wileman 17/08/2007 Ian and Barbara Pollard, The Naked Gardeners, pictured at home at the Abbey House Gardens, in Malmesbury, Wiltshire.