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image source The pin-striped tit-babbler (Mixornis gularis), also known as the yellow-breasted babbler, is a species of Old World babbler found in South and Southeast Asia. The species is widely distributed and is found...

Vulturine Guineafowl, Acryllium vulturinum O guineafowl vulturine é um (61-71 cm) pássaro com um corpo redondo e cabeça pequena. Ele tem longas asas, pescoço, pernas e cauda pintadas. O adulto tem um rosto azul e pescoço preto, e apesar de todos os outros guineafowl têm cabeças sem penas, esta espécie parece particularmente como um abutre por causa do pescoço nu longo e cabeça.

P-47 Thunderbolt, the Cadillac of WW II fighters. Big, powerful, armored, and armed to the teeth. Once they got the paddle bladed propellers, P-47s became deadly dog fighters as well as amazing ground support planes.

with brave wings small necklace ..( original quote by Beth Quinn Designs.) ..


Butterfly! And with gallbladder cancer awareness color!! More

My man wud be so proud to hav something lik this in his den lol

Red Tailed Black Cockatoo with spots, dots and stripes! a real beauty with the deep blue color. "Repinned by Keva xo".

I ❤ butterflies . . . Tropical butterfly- Notice the strong contrast between black and white, meant to attract a mate more easily.

"how long does it take to hum a hymn? strolling one or two acres of the sweetness of the world, not counting a lapse, now and again, of sheer emptiness. once a deer stood quietly at my side. and sometimes the wind has touched my cheek like a spirit. am i lonely? the beautiful, striped sparrow, serenely, on the tallest weed in his kingdom, also sings without words.~Mary Oliver