OC - Jugurta by MizaelTengu

Here is my part on the art-trade with the beloved This is Neptune, one of her amazing characters that takes part on the Celestial Ring universe. I dared to change little details, forgi.

Commissh - Assassin Kei by MizaelTengu.deviantart.com on @deviantART

This is the first of the 3 gifts I promised a time ago. This gift goes to , an old friend. It was very fun to draw Drust. He is handsome and cool. I had to make some adaptati.

Commissh - Twins - Shin N' Abe by MizaelTengu on DeviantArt

Shin and Abe - twin brothers of a novel written by: "Planetharia Big Both are leaders of two battle asteroid space stations with the name "Sodom" and. Commissh - Twins - Shin N' Abe