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Explore Bridges Rail Greece, 869 and more!

Pelion Train, Greece. Our tips for 25 fun places to visit in Greece:

The history of these locks dates back to right before WW II. A woman named Nada fell in love with a Siberian officer and they were engaged before he went to war. While in Greece he fell in love with a local woman and broke off his engagement. Nada later passed away of a lonely heart. Young women from her town decided to protect their love and began writing the names of loved ones on padlocks and affixing them to the railings of the bridge where Nada and the officer used to meet.

These vintage locks are super sweet, and each one actually comes with a functioning key (an amazing feat in our opinion). Each varies in size, wear, and function. $35

Murmur Trestle, Athens -- This rail bridge over a creek was on the back cover of the early R.E.M. album "Murmur." It has come to be known as the Murmur Trestle.