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from Health Ambition

These 12 Apple Cider Vinegar Tricks Could Literally Turn Your Health Around

Learn how adding this 1 simple ingredient to your life could increase your life span, handle your bad breath and clear your acne all in one.

from Shape Magazine

Cannabis-Laced Lube Claims to Help You Have Multiple Orgasms

We’ve heard of pot brownies, but apparently there’s a surprising new way to ingest marijuana: vaginally. Yes, you read that right. Foria, created by the Aphrodite Group, a California group that

20 Home Remedies for Candida. Candida is a yeast infection, which is caused by fungi, called “Candida Albicans”. When there is an over-production of this type of fungus in the body, it leads to various symptoms, such as vaginitis, fatigue, digestive problems, arthritis and several other issues. It can affect different parts of the body, like mouth, tongue, stomach, skin, throat, kidney, bladder and vagina. Candida generally affects people with weak immune system. Though, it is not…


Are There Foods to Cleanse Heavy Metals From the Body?

Removing heavy metals from your body helps fight brain damage (resulting in Alzehimer's, Parkinsons, etc.) due to inflammation and free radicals. SEX TOYS: Size Matters Vaginal Pump Kit Buy New: $7.99 (On sale from $28.00)

Dr. Ronald D. Blatt, M.D an expert in the field of women's health for over 30 years & PrivateRx Founder joins eHealth Radio and the Female Health and Skin Care Channels.

Strawberry Snuggles will set your romance in motion! Snuggels tightens and lubricates vaginal area to enhance arousal and pleasure. It is kissable, ultra lubricating, smooth and creamy. Plastic tube with twist off lid holds 2 oz. of cream. Pleasure your partner with kissable Snuggels Lubricating Shrink Cream!

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Phyto Soya Vaginal Gel helps to maintain a healthy balance during menopause. pH balanced and contains soya isoflavones. Available from Hot Flush Stuff