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In this video I try to explain the difference between "warm" and "cool" colors. Warm colors are Reds, Oranges, and Yellows.... hues that remind us of sunshin...

Color Mixing on Coffee Filters- Primary colors are one of the first art concepts I like to introduce young kids to in art. First, because they are a basic building block for for understanding how to make all kinds of things. And second, because mixing colors is kind of magical. Color mixing on coffee filters is a fun introduction to what happens when those primary colors mix together!

60 Creative Fractal Artworks

Paint ball.---not sure if this is a fractal or not But it's cool anyway and saw it on a fractal site.

Color worksheet for 5th graders

Color worksheet 3rd - 5th grade & could be used as an example poster on bulletin board.

Mixing-Paints-Guide-Sheet colour mixing challenge - can you make these? What others can you make create their own mixing reference charts

Ted Harrison Art and More

A completely free lesson from Art History For Little Ones featuring the art of Ted Harrison. Step by step instructions and student examples. Whimsy Workshop Teaching