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Ugly Mugs, Literally

Artist Jean Cotton sculpts and sells these coffee cups rocking some seriously unfortunate looking faces. They're ugly mugs. In fact, I'd go as far as to ca

Fail depressed depression suicidal suicide alone broken Scared fear self harm hopeless self hate cut ugly bullied confused cry tears insecure worthless i hate myself self destruction Afraid heart break failure overdose on my own no future i hate me no more emotion

Black Rain Frog

Black Rain Frog - Breviceps fuscus - Native to South Africa - Is the 'Grumpy Cat' of the frog community.

If ugliness were measured in bricks, you would be the Great Wall of China.

53 Random Pictures for Today

53 Random Pictures for Today Dummies of the Year - You can have a pretty face and an ugly heart

17 Pictures Hot People Will Never Understand

Hahaha... I'll give you credit dear. You try. Might wanna try a little harder. I can't pin whore and slut ecards like you because no one wants you.