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floatingpickel: tomhardyvariations: 9 May 2010. Tom in Cambridge for a charity screening of Bronson.  AWWWW

floatingpickel: tomhardyvariations: 9 May Tom in Cambridge for a charity screening of Bronson

string-of-incompletes:    tomhardywithhair:    Why not topless Wednesday/ Thursday (depending on your location)?     I reaaaaaaaaaaaaally love the bottom left for some reason. I mean the others too but that one, jeez.    Tom Hardy Topless WHATEVERDAYITIS

So I'm guessing bottom left is fake, His left arm consist of the mother of his baby. Must have been for a movie.

Slightly creepy - but Tom Hardy!

Watch Tom Hardy and McG Play Naked, NSFW Paintball

Tom Hardy takes a paintball to the bum, w/ This Means War director McGee

Fuck Yeah Tom Hardy

tom hardy interviewed & photographed by sarah j. edwards for blag magazine edition.