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2- Notes to Veterans in honor of Noah Pozner. #26acts

"Getting my #26Acts of Kindness started off with a jolt of caffeine. This one's for you, Charlotte!"

Left $5 in the fresh produce section at Walmart. Do Good. Spread Love. #26acts @AnnCurry

Photo by michelletos14Act 13 of 26 a poinsettia for a lovely elderly couple taking a walk in memory of Anne Marie Murphy #26acts

"Number Four of #26Acts of Kindness: Stashing ones at the Dollar Store. A little Christmas surprise in honor of you, Olivia!"

"Leaving a $5 off coupon at BBB for the next person that doesn't have one."

"Number Five of #26Acts of Kindness. Activity and coloring books for the wee ones at The Y! This one's for you, Josephine!"

"Number six of #26Acts of Kindness: Delivering some reading material to @nlandsbe after minor knee surgery. This one's in honor of you, Ana!"

Acts 7 and 8 $5 bills for people at McDonalds in memory of Madeline Hsu and Catherine Hubbard #26acts

"Number Seven of #26Acts of Kindness: Giving some love to #teachers. Don't we all just love teachers?!?! This one is in honor of you, Dylan!"