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Explore Function 5, Kidney Function and more!

Kidney function 5.6 in kidney disease how to improve it ? In fact, a good diet and healthy living habit are helpful for making this disease better. If you can get a proper treatment based on this, you surely can improve the kidney function to some degree.

Is there any treatment can improve kidney function in stage 4 kidney disease ?…

Can Kidney Disease be Reversed from Stage 5 to Stage 4

Is there any chance to reverse stage 3 kidney disease with 48% kidney function ? In fact, stage 3 kidney disease is hard to be cured, but with timely and properly treatment, those patients do can have a chance to live a quality life without dialysis.

How to Improve Kidney Function for Kidney Failure Patient

Stage 4 kidney disease means that kidneys are damaged severely. Without control, it can progress to Uremia in the future and patients have to take dialysis to extend their life span. Then as a stage 4 kidney disease patient how can you avoid dialysis, then following three steps can help you a lot.

Can 57% kidney function in kidney failure be reversed ? In fact, most of the kidney failure patient will face questions like this, as for whether they can get their disease reversed, that depend on many factors, especially the treatment they choose.

Fatigue in chronic kidney disease what are the causes and how to treat it ? Fatigue is one common symptoms of chronic kidney disease, but it really affect people’s life greatly. So how to solve this problem has become one of the hot topic among kidney disease patient, the following i will share you some information about the causes of it and the ways to treat it, hoping it can help you in some degree.

How does mai kang mixture in treating kidney failure? Kidney failure means the gradually reduction of kidney function for patients. If patients don’t have any effective treatment to help improve the kidney function, patients may need to have dialysis to prolong their life expectancy. So early and effective treatment are very important for kidney failure patients.

What does 24% kidney function means for kidney disease patient ? As a kidney disease patient, doctors always recommend you to take some test related to kidney function, after that you will be told how many function you still have. Then, do you know the percentage kidney function means what ? Next, i will tell you more about kidney function.