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light at the end of the tunnel
I love Gretchen and You're the Worst. So hooked from day one, episode one.
Daisy you were the biggest plot twist i never saw coming. But you were the best one by far. Its pretty great actually i got the love of my life when i never though I could be love or even love someone this much. I love and adore you till the end eternity, forever and always
You don't need to hide anymore. Crying helps. you have been strong for too long. 7 facts about tears you probably didnt know. 1. Tears help you see. 2. Tears kill bacteria. 3.tears remove toxins. 4. Crying can elevate mood. 5. Crying can relieve stress. 6.Tears build community and 7. Tears release feelings.
I like how your passion manifests unpredictably and uncontrollably, how your feelings cannot be caged or concealed, how you’re incapable of apathy.
Because you only have one true soulmate & I found mine! But being forced to live without him is the worst pain I could experience
Even when life isn't going exactly how you'd hoped, there's almost always a way to put a positive spin on it. This amazing poem went viral because it's the perfect example of how your perspective in life can change your situation entirely. The poem reads negatively downward, but just when you think everything completely sucks — start from the bottom of the poem and read back up. Silver linings do exist, and your "worst day ever" can become your best — if you make it so!
When you let anger get the best of you it brings out the worst in you. #PictureQuotes
Narcissists are quick to point out the mistakes or flaws of other people.  They, also, try to blame others for what they do.