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SLEEPING PROPHET! Born March 18th, 1877, Edgar Cayce was famous for performing psychic readings while he was in a deep “sleep state.” His subject areas included reincarnation, healing, and questions about wars and future events. Widely known across the world as ‘The Sleeping Prophet’, this famous psychic was the father of holistic medicine.

Edgar Cayce is one of the most interesting and remarkable people of his era. His amazing range of psychic abilities has remained unsurpassed to...

PSYCHIC PHOTOS! Mary Bell Sledge had a remarkable ability to take “pictures” with her mind. She would hold a roll of film in her hand and describe a place she’d never been to before. There was no camera involved. When the film was developed there would be an incredibly detailed picture of the place she had described. Many scientists, skeptics and professional photographers tried to debunk her, but nobody succeeded. Mia Zabrisky books: Cabinet of Oddities

Healing Hands. When we are clear and clean, we can channel energy through our hands to heal. Color visualization of blue to heal corruption and green to heal (and heal corruption of a different nature) speed healing. Imagine St. Michael's Fire Blue - the color a deep cobalt blue glass would be if held to the Sun, and the green in a rainbow ~Johan Adkins

"HEALING isn't me healing you. It's not me fixing you. It's not me giving you a pill, cutting you open, or telling you what to do. Healing is YOU seeking tools, teachers, and practitioners on your path that can assist you to discover your own wisdom, find balance, listen to and honor your body, and create a meaningful quality of life that you deserve and desire. Healing is you waking up to the fullness of who you really are as a divine energetic being in this amazing world." ..*

How can you tell if you are an old soul? Are there differences in traits or behaviors? What signs can I look for that can help me differentiate the difference?