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SLEEPING PROPHET! Born March 18th, 1877, Edgar Cayce was famous for performing psychic readings while he was in a deep “sleep state.” His subject areas included reincarnation, healing, and questions about wars and future events. Widely known across the world as ‘The Sleeping Prophet’, this famous psychic was the father of holistic medicine.

This photograph was taken in Lincoln, Nebraska on the night of July 25, 1936 when the minimum temperature fell to only 91°F in Lincoln. This was the hottest night ever experienced anywhere in United States recorded history outside of the desert Southwest. As the day progressed the temperature rose to an all-time record of 115°F in Lincoln; without air-conditioning, people spent the night sleeping on the lawn of the state capital building in Lincoln.

Dr. Frances Kathleen Oldham Kelsey. Despite enormous pressure, Dr. Kelsey refused to grant approval of Thalidomide for use in the USA while working at the FDA. Her refusal saved thousands of children from being born with deformaties. She also helped institute laws protecting patients during drug trials.

Villisca Ax Murders House 8 people were bludgeoned to death with an ax while they slept. 6 of them were children. 2 were neighbor children. 4 were killed in the room upstairs where the three windows are.The parents room there is still a mark in the wall from the swing of the ax

NEUROSCIENCE OF NEAR DEATH! Researchers at the University of Liège in Belgium looked at physiological aspects. They wondered if people who have NDE-like experiences during non-life-threatening situations—such as sleep, meditation, or after fainting—would describe the same feelings as people who have NDEs during life-threatening situations, including cardiac arrest. These two sets of situations involve very different physiological states.

Diary found in the attic of Farm at Maple Tree Lane: "August 22, 1941 Dear diary, I can’t sleep tonight, I can still hear everyone arguing downstairs. Grandpa lost his arm today. When they brought him from the barn he was covered in blood. Mother said he was careless and is so upset with grandpa. I know Grandpa would never do anything stupid. Grandpa keeps telling me this place is haunted. Why are there so many accidents on our farm?"

??????Super creepy! Or fake ... Yes my guilty pleasure is ghost stuff