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“Go to Amsterdam or the Netherlands, where it is legal, and you see that the crime rate is nonexistent, the murder rate is probably under 10 percent, people learn to get along!

I'm laughing! If people only knew the things I DON'T say. I've learned that the truth no matter how you package it, usually isn't what people care to hear.

Oh my gosh the first one. Three kinds of people. I'm laughing so hard right now

Oh my gosh the first one. Three kinds of people. I'm laughing so hard right now

Yup know to many people living ir up, receiving, sec8, food stamps, free medical, vultures for free heating assistance, free daycare, clothing allowances, vehicle allowance ect. I don't mind if you use it as a stepping stone. But our government made it to easy to milk the system & stay on it . And those who really need it "like the working poor" can't get nothing. Those who work make to much to qualify but are barely enough to make ends meet.

"She'll say anything & change nothing." #Obama #NeverHillary #JillStein…


At McDonald’s, Fat Profits but Lean Wages

I simply smile to no end when the CEO of McDonalds who makes $7,211 dollars an hour says he can't afford to pay $15 dollars an hour to employees who are presently being paid so low a wage they are subsidized by our taxes. McDonalds made $6 billion in profits last year. It pays well in excess of $15 to employees in other countries that have minimum wage and guess what? The prices for McDonalds in those countries with high minimum wage are within a few percent of here. They should change the…

I've done this do many times....but never could manage it without a mini trampoline to bounce of off. x) it's actually really good to do though, if you have a steady, sound, relaxed horse. Helps to teach you not to plop down on the horses back so hard.

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Letting Go …

Toxic People | ... ever have to feel guilty about removing toxic people from your life