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Eltz Castle in the Morning - Shot this photo a shortly before sunrise at Eltz Castle in Germany, while it were -10°C. If you like my work, feel free to follow me on instagram, facebook and for sure, here on 500px! :)

Paradise. - Follow me on Facebook : __________________________________ Ore 5:00 , è come vedere il paradiso dall'alto ! Qui a Castelluccio di Norcia c'è ancora da stupirsi. Dopo una piccola anteprima vista dall'interno della tenda , esco allo scoperto e mi accorgo di quanto ancora c'è da ammirare qui fuori . Quella luce tenue e calda che timidamente si mostra alle spalle del Monte Vettore, illuminando quella nebbia densa che quasi sembra…

Echoes from the past - The castle of Heidenreich during a melanchonic autumn day, when you can feel the end of the good season, but you can enjoy the last rays of light and in the silence you can hear the echos from the past.

Flowered balcony... - Flowered balcony... certainly one of the most beautiful of Italy ,overlooking the fascinating Ligurian village of Vernazza ( 5lands national Park.) kissed from the very last daylight. THX for watching and support.

Golden Reine - If you have never experienced the arctic you may not believe me if I tell you that just 10 minutes before this shot was taken Olstind mountain in the background was completely hidden by clouds and snow was falling pretty heavy. This is the arctic, suddenly a window in the sky opened painting the clouds with this amazing golden light that reflected on the white mountains and the village of Reine.

© Divine Sunset - © Divine Sunset Questo e' stato sicuramente il piu' straordinario tramonto a cui abbia mai assistito. Castelluccio Dicembre 2012.

I miss you - Yes, I already do … I just came back from a beautiful week of holidays in northern Europe during which I spent 4 days in the wonderful archipelago of Lofoten Islands and I already want to go back up there! This one is from last winter, for newer ones you'll need to wait some more time … ;)