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Misc. Lego shots, Star Wars, Indy Jones + whatnot. Avanaut in Facebook. TheAvanaut in Twitter.

Yep that poor dumb bastard jumped without a parachute, must be a democrat.

Almere, Flevoland, Netherlands - This must be near trainstation Muziekwijk! I know this place since I moved to Almere in 1996 and every year in March it's more impressive...!

Mossy Creek, Desert Island, Maine...I'm ashamed to say, as a life long Maine 'ah....I've never been. This will be a must see this summer "for sure". MB

"Buddha" at Ngyen Khag Taktsang Monastery. Apparently, this is a Photoshopped hoax: it is very well done, and has fooled many, many people. See Jahsonic's microblog where he shows the original, un-Photoshopped photo (which I will pin next).

"...I’m trying to build something, create something extraordinary from the ashes of my past." ...been trying to do for the past few years and I'm almost there. While I am not fighting a typical addiction, I am fighting to rid myself of the habits of self-doubt, of wanting to fix everyone/thing…I can't!…I need to take care of me and then maybe I can help others heal themselves. I am learning this…and getting comfortable with this idea.

For some reason this makes me really happy, and I imagine them ironing the entire desert into eternity... Must be my OCD tendencies.

Oklahoma City Memorial - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.....A must see. You won't be able to visit it without crying.

10 Of The Most Spectacular Bridges In The World

Tower Bridge - London: London Bridge is not falling down kids! It will still be there when you go.....