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But Trump says he should be able to keep profiting from all his many business interests -- screw conflict of interest.

She won more votes than any candidate in history except for Barack Obama.. is this for real?

They want to get rid of Medicare. So all those little old ladies and men who voted for Trump can whine about how they cant afford their healthcare.

Corrupt Repukkkes kicking Gr'ma's off her Earned SS/Medicare give the Wealthy deadbeat Moochers more TaxCuts!! Thx the biggest Deadbeat of all, Crooked Donnie!!!

So that's how you empty the swamp, you put the people who created the swamp in charge! Who Knew!

Not only jail. When has that ever happened, and the guy not lost any and all public favor, for the rest of his life? This guy was still married. Still a father. Still in the public eye, after that?! The media let him go?