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Been enjoying unlabeled #mysterybeer from @fremontbrewing on the trail by fancy_fred

I guess I can forgive that scene now. What was there already made me blubber like a baby.

I have ginger haired twin cousins from England. Their names? Fred and George

Great post with a number of ideas for teaching skip counting by 5.

If cartoon characters were in Harry Potter. DOES THIS GO ON MY DISNEY BOARD OR MY HP BOARD?!?!

I'm not crying. There's just something in my eye, like a twig. Or a shard of my broken heart.

I love how it looks like Fred and George got in front of Ginny so they can protect her <3

More like my boyfriend and me my friends would be laying down there with me

stories behind the story. I would love to just look at Jo's notes, and to discover more little gems like this.


Right in the heart...

Why would you even say something like that?