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How to tie a scarf

How to tie a scarf the Sherlock way. I always tie my scarf like this. I just need a blue one

carryonanddontblink:  I don’t know if this has been done or not but oh well~

I feel stupid because I thought superwholock was supposed to fit in there haha I'm dumb<-- superwho fits and then locked so." Superwho locked" it is!

Last one was hilarious and the Moriarty-buried-in-Sherlock's grave one is immediately shut down coz Moriarty is alive somehow. Cant wait for Season 4

I really don't like most of the headcanons that I see. I think the vast majority of them are stupid. But these are a select few that I get a kick out of. ANDERSON USES INTERNET EXPLORER

Image result for jack frost staff tutorial diy

Image result for jack frost staff tutorial diy

Do you think that "every fairy tale needs a good villian?" Turn your coat collar up and check out these true fandom observations.

You know you're a Sherlock fan when. (I have to try the Vatican Cameos thing with the safe at work. Although I strongly suspect it will not end well.) so trueee

Johnlock forever!!!

Cause fashion John. I don't "ship Johnlock" But this, this made me laugh. it's midnight. I really need to go finish my book and sleep.<<< I don't ship them either but this is so funny

Hehehe... I might turn the blender on for him.

Sherlock ruining John's date. And seriously someone call RSPCA Sherlock needs to stop abusing a small mouse.GROSS mouse In the blender! ( "Would anyone care for a mouse milkshake it's on special") would seriously be the next text!