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Reserved for ML Faceted Amethyst Crystal Semi Precious stone 22.5 carats 20 mm

Purple Amethyst Raw Crystals Sticks Gemstones Violet Pixie Points Las Vigas Veracruz Amethyst Tiny Jewels, Semiprecious gems, Nature Rocks

Smithsonite Mint Green Gemstone, Natural Polished Semiprecious Stone Cabochon, gem from Arizona

Amethyst Pale Violet Crystals Jewelry Double Terminated Pointers Raw Purple Gem Sticks, Natural Semiprecious gemstones, Las Vigas, Veracruz

Gem Clear Quartz Rock Crystals Jewelry Gems, Premium Quality Raw Crystals Sticks, Earth Gemstones, Pixie Points, Jewels, Semiprecious gems