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from Catch My Party

Music Festival Birthday Party Ideas

Here's the ribbon chandelier we made

Trouwfeest in een tent. Trouwen // tenten // bruiloft // trouwfeest // Nordic Tipi

Inklapbare stoeltjes en partytenten zijn ideaal om te gebruiken voor je feest om daarna compact op te bergen, eventueel bij een externe opslagruimte

Antique Circus Sideshow Tent Photography

This is a media cache photo so I don't know anything about where it was taken or when. However, the lack of certain Scadianism in the photo would have me guess one of the European Viking festivals. I'm pinning it because I like that peg chair in front of the tent.

How to make a Viking style large tent using two wall tents. In the dogtrot middle, the Viking frame and canvas cover. Simply Brilliant!

Tomorrowland 2014 - Join the magic!

The tops of Viking tents, these carvings on these tents make a hole lot of difference from how you usually see them in Viking festivals with plain square ends to becoming magnificent tents if you do alittle extra work in making your tent setup stand out better then from the rest.