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Sorry dude, you're an asshole you lying, manipulating, two-faced, sociopath. Hope you're not obsessed with your ex-girlfriend like you were with mine you sad pathetic loser. Remember...God see's the real you, not your Facebook posts.

This 16-year-old created an app so no one will eat lunch alone - WTF fun facts

from A Fresh Start on a Budget

letting go of people who hurt you

Who you are now is someone you claimed you never wanted to be, but congrats you wanted me to see you as an asshole. Mission accomplished.

from The Huffington Post

13 Inspirational Quotes For When Everything Is Just The Worst

No one is an idiot but some certainly behave that way. try not to let those peeps ruin your day. in-fact, love them anyway. Sarah

This anime made me smile, cry hate, love and every other emotion you can get. Seriously people if you're an anime fan watch this series

Sorry, but my dog thinks you're an asshole, and I believe him.

If your boyfriend is an asshole now dont marry him because hes always going to be an asshole quotes - Google Search

Holy Shit Yes!!!! To the Assholes who have taken Advantage of Me, Used Me, Lied About Me and Treated Me Poorly and Like Shit!!!!. FUCK YOU and Excuse my ENGLISH!! KARMA wants to Speak with you ALSO, Because You are an Assholes and have a BILL TO PAY!!!