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A Suffolk Punch stallion. It is thought that the Suffolk Punch is a direct descendant of the medieval 'great horse' although recorded bloodlines only go back to the late C18th . The Suffolk Punch is rarer than the panda.

Grabbing little (but useful) prizes as I find them. Have two cards of cats (that's all they had on the shelf in 5 PTS) but also one panda set, given to Monkeyshine -- worth checking another store for more of those.

Personal Fundraising Page for Alison Foster and Meg: Meg and I are doing Parade of Paws on June 14th and hope to raise some $$ for the Spokane Humane Society. SHS keeps animals as long as it takes to find them a home. They pull at risk animals from SCRAPS helping reduce the amount of animals that have to be euthanized due to space issues in Spokane County. Every dollar helps!

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