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packconfig: 1916 private soldier, Battle of the Somme A photographer, Thom Atkinson, has documented 13 military kits in a series called ‘Soldiers Inventories’. I’ve picked a few to share with you guys over a couple of posts so they can be enjoyed individually, in all their glory. It will also show which are the most popular kits. By its very nature, war requires a soldier to be prepared for every possible eventuality. The sheer amount of gear that is demanded by this level of preparedness…

Until WWII, puttee were used by military personnel and explorers. If you are an reenactor or dressing a Steampunk explorer, puttees may be that critical finishing details.

Photograph, 1915, showing a large group of soldiers attending a church service in a field. The priest can be seen in the middle of the picture towards the back.