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A fairly accurate map of know North American Ley Lines . The lines near Duluth MN. were the first I connected with , It scared me half to death, I had no idea what I was yet . The major line running through Chippewa Falls WI is so powerful I have to keep myself closed to it when I’m in or near the river “the line lays on a convergence of three major rivers” , or I become faint . It’s also the reason for the rather large Witch population here. :)

Almost James. So, so, close. Face shape's a bit off and his hair should be blond. Other than that...

This painting depicts the ancient goddess “Ellen of the Old Ways”.She is the guardian of the ley lines and the dream ways and was closely tied to the faery folk.She is the only horned goddess in existence and wears the antlers of the female Reindeer. She offers you the universal key to whichever door awaits you.She stands beneath the etherial rainbow,the bridge to multiple realms. On the right side of the painting a lyrebird and a spotted quoll are depicted, both of which are native to ...

Carnac (****Karnag in Breton) isn't Stonehenge, clearly, but the place is 6000 years old (older than Stonehenge) and there is a dense collection of neolithic menhirs (standing stones, nicknamed the “Stone Army”) as far as the eye can see. Approximately 3000 of these standing stone relics are aligned in rows amidst the vast area of fields close to the Atlantic Ocean in Brittany.

Keep your family close by custom framing their photos and hanging on your office wall. #walldecor #photoframing