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the bridges of Harrisburg, PA Photo by Viet Dao -- National Geographic Your Shot

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They Didn't Even Know This Existed

Hang Son Doong, Viet Nam The world's largest cave. A 1/5 mile block of 40 story buildings can fit inside. One of the only caves with a jungle inside, due to a roof collapse. More

Sunrise at Yosemite valley Photo by Viet Dao -- National Geographic Your Shot

Sunset Photograph by MotHaiBaPhoto Prints - Sunset Fine Art Prints and Posters for Sale

Vietnam Images-Nature-Landscape-Waterfall phong cảnh việt nam

from National Geographic

Ban Gioc Falls - National Geographic Travel Daily Photo

Ban Gioc waterfall in the far northern Vietnamese province of Cao Bang is one of the most popular sites in the region, which boasts a famed karst landscape of striking limestone peaks. The falls thunder into Vietnam from China, churning up an ever present mist. Photograph by Son Tong, June 17, 2014

father and son irrigate rice fields by pedaling an irrigation machine, 1950s, Vietnam. Photo: National Geographic

1931, Hue, Annam, French Indochina - A royal princess of Hue dressed in her royal robes - Công Chúa Mỹ Lương tức Bà Chúa Nhất

1931, Hue, Vietnam --- A princess of Hue is fanned by her maids - Bà Chúa Nhất, hoàng trưởng nữ của vua Dục Đức, chị cả của vua Thành Thái Trong hình này công chúa Mỹ Lương tức bà Chúa Nhất đã 59 tuổi (bà sinh năm 1872, vua Thành Thái em bà sinh 1879). Image by © W. Robert Moore/National Geographic Society/Corbis