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I don't know why I laughed so much at this snape snape severus snape

from Skreened

"Snape, Snape" | T-Shirt | Cute Harry Potter Shirts

I'd like to say my friends and I did not sing this song, each with assigned parts on one hilarious hungover morning in college. Madeline, Mo, Patrick... I'm talkin' to you ;)

Severus Snape, Harry Potter.. omg my fandom is awesome.

When you read this you heard Snape's voice didn't you? Admit you did and if you say you didn't you're lying

Severus Snape Kissing | Severus Snape Smiling Snape's birthday wish:

from 8 Bit Nerds

17 Harry Potter Memes to Nerd Out On

Woooow lol #HarryPotter #Funny #Memes

joe moses snape | snape # joe moses # a very potter musical

Severus Snape. Oh my gosh this picture just speaks levels of him. It's one of the times his mask falls, and you just see all that pain and anguish and self-hatred bottled up and the love he uses to fuel him to keep going, to keep him living despite his thoughts that he isn't worthy of it. Oh my gosh, I love Severus Snape.❤️❤️