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Lol!!! Unfortunately I don't really take any.. Cause I just don't find myself capable of that...

Teenager Posts Of The Week: Deleting Selfies And Grade Woes Sooo meee


yeah some cups just make water taste better. I have my cup:)

I do this!

Relatable Post what happens if its a kpop song though and you can't remember the the english words.

No I won't get up

I can't go to school mom. The blankets have accepted me as one of their own. If I leave now I might lose their trust.

So true . The only cat names I know are "black cat", "brown cat", orange cat", "tan cat" etc.

Lol I've always loved dogs and cats but I'm mostly a dog person and I know the names of a lot of dogs I see but when it comes to cats, there's only 1 kind of cat in my mind.