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The stack of books to read to the toy friends!

Reading books to a room full of toys!

These elves took the Elf Express with some of their favorite toys and of course the ornament they get to pick out every year for the tree

Sitting on a big pile of Christmas Themed fabric while ironing out one of the projects they are working on together.

Did these elves sew their own skirt and is that an apron? Yup! And the next night they had on the Seahawks dresses they also made - see the pile of fabric on the ironing board?? By the way, the props are from my mother in law, who played with the sewing machine and iron 50 years ago!

They got a little hungry - Eating cereal

Hanging out with the Nutcrackers and those sneaky elves put nuts in their mouth to crack! We used Mustache Washi tape for the decor

Sewing aprons!

Making Smores! Yummy

They made cookies and decorated them to say goodbye to the girls, but also left aprons to wear for when we make cookies for Santa. Thanks elves - you have some serious sewing skills.