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*CARL GRIMES: **annoying little brat who shouldn't be on the show and should be killed on the show instead of Hershel:)** WHAT I THINK IT SHOULD HAVE SAID^<<< tbh I don't think he's that bad<<< the Atlanta Five

The Walking Dead: The Atlanta Five. Rick Grimes, Glenn Rhee, Carol Peletier, Daryl Dixon and Carl Grimes

I still cry on every replay!  | Presents by conoyura on deviantART

Presents by conoyura on deviantART (The Walking Dead - TellTale Games)

Rick Grimes - Carl Grimes - Daryl Dixon - Carol Peletier - AMC's The Walking Dead

Rick Grimes - Carl Grimes Maggie Green - Glenn Rhee - Hershel Green - Bath Green -Sasha - Tyrese - - Daryl Dixon - Carol Peletier - AMC's The Walking Dead

Most emotional part of all 4 seasons of The Walking Dead. I've never cried so much in one episode. And the worst part is I watched this at a friends house and I balled my eyes out.

"She can't be round people." Carol spoke about Lizzie to Tyreese before she was shot ■ Season 4 Episode 14

The Walking Dead

Season I love that they showed Carol second. :D and I also love how they included Glenn. He can't be dead D:

Sick Walking Dead wallpaper

"Bucket List Adventure: 'Walking Dead' with Atlanta Movie Tours" .definitely on my bucket list!

The Walking Dead 4x10 "Inmates"

Glenn Rhee in The Prison after The Governor's attack ● Season 4 Episode 10 ○ "Inmates"