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28 Beautiful Poster Designs

"Let's be scientifically honest with ourselves, the probability of having life arise to greater and greater complexity and organization by chance is the same probability of having a tornado tear through a junkyard and form out the other end a Boeing 747." ~ Sir Fred Hoyle

RH's 18th C. Brass Armillary:Often credited to Eratosthenes, a mathematician and geographer of ancient Greece, the armillary sphere served as a model of the known universe before the advent of the telescope. Among the first complex models ever conceived, they appeared often in portraits during the Renaissance, to denote scientific wisdom, earthly power or heavenly contemplation. Ours, crafted of brass, is a reproduction of a French antique.

Nature is what we know, yet have no art to say. So impotent our wisdom is to her simplicity Illustrated molecular structures by David S. Goodsell Title: Emily Dickinson [ but does it float ]

I am fascinated by science and physics, and the beauty, brilliance, and complexity of the universe. This quote is from a special called "Wonders of the Universe" by Prof. Brian Cox. He's a rock star of physics.