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These Kitchens Have Gone To The Dogs!

This space can be easily created with many of the cabinetry lines AK uses, and can be tailor made to the size and weight of your pets! It s fabulous, isn't it?

If You Live In The Darker Areas, Watch Out For This DEADLY Condition In Your Dog

5 Things NOT To Do At The Dog Park

Image source: @TarotheShibaInu via Flickr 5 things not to do at the dog park.

15 Great Products to Clean Your Dog’s Teeth

Whimzees These cute dental chews are all-natural and help control tartar, which is proved to be directly correlated to supporting your pet’s heart health by supporting the prevention of plaque. They come in several shapes and sizes and are made in Holland.

17 Funny Things All Bookworms Can Relate To

12. BOOKWORMS CAN BE PICKY, BUT WHEN IT COMES TO FINDING LOVE, IT'S EASY TO TELL IF WE'VE FOUND 'THE ONE' /// Posted by Sadie Trombetta on May 24, 2016 | Strange habits, compulsive obsessions, obvious pet peeves — to some, they may seem weird, but there are just some things all bookworms can relate to. We hate to be interrupted when we’re reading; we’d rather spend a Saturday night curled up w/ a book & a blanket than at a bar & to us, there's no greater sin than dog-earing a borrowed book…