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Star Trek- OH my gosh, can we just steo back and realize how tall thid man is? Seriously pretty sure he almost reaches the ceiling

This is so totally what Kirk would do. Every single time. And Spock just stands there when he finds out and raises his eyebrow and says "fascinating."

Love this lol. I know exactly which scene it is, too. It's from one of my favorite episodes, The Tholean Web. I love the part in this scene when Spock says: "I believe Captain Kirk would simply have said: 'Forget it, Bones.'"

For me, it starts with both of the Spocks, followed very closely by both of the Kirks and both of the McCoys. Reboot versions are in the lead, but I love Nimoy, Shatner, and Kelley are right up there too. But I also really like both Scottys, and new Chekov and new Sulu are both pretty cool...and Admiral Pike is terrific too...