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I love my beard and you should too. Not mine, you shouldn’t love mine… well you should, but you should love your own beard. If you have one. Where is your beard?

Implementing a beard balm into your facial grooming routine is a fantastic way to improve the health of your beard and decrease rashes, itchiness, and damaged hair. If you have done any shopping around for beard balms, you already know that at $15-$25 per tin, it can quickly become very costly to maintain that healthy …

How To Make Beard Balm At Home (DIY


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This applies to pretty much everything except eating ice cream and soup. Beard on brothers! Tame your man mane with the best beard care products known to man!

Top 10 formas de llevar barba en 2017

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The Beard Side! Star Wars, South Vader, beard meme We always appreciate a good beard. G Spot Hair Design.