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I saw that interview. It's true he did ask to use the toilet in the middle of an interview.

Lets get some more views for midnight memories!!!! The view counter is broken but just keep refreshing!

I love KFC! And KFC is from Kentucky so Kentucky indirectly influenced the creation of midnight memories.

One direction funny moments .... This is absolutely adorable, I want a friendship like this ...

One direction funny moments. They are such great friends and it shows! Lol but it looks like Niall is thinking that other chair might be more comfortable

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sometimes my mom has to drag me away cause ill see a stray cat somewhere and want to take it home.......so i understand your pain harry ;)

But Liam I want that cat!<<< why did I hear Varuka from willy wonka say that? "But Daddy I want a squirrel!

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*Plane crashing* Louis: we need to all calm down Lady: But the oxygen masks- Louis: I said, sit the f***k down.

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Harry's and Zayn's car is all cool. And Nialls is a hamburger. I don't think its gonna last long