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A pair of Russian gilt-bronze and bronze ewers 19th century, in the manner of Friedrich Bergenfeldt, of tapering baluster form, the scrolled handle cast with a hippocamp, the spout with a bearded male mask, the body with two swans flanking a fountain, the lower section with two lionesses enclosed by vine leaves and grapes, the rectangular base cast with a recumbent ram, on paw feet each 47cm. high; 1ft. 6½in.

Kore (female statue) is the name given to a type of ancient Greek sculpture from the Acropolis Archaic period (600 – 480 BCE). There are multiple theories on who they represent, and as to whether they represent mortals or deities. One theory is that they represent Persephone, the daughter in the triad of the Mother Goddess cults or votary figures to attend the maiden goddess.

How is Witchcraft related to Paganism? The term Paganism is used in contemporary times to refer to animistic, nature oriented religions which recognize the male and female duality which is found within nature. Paganism is an umbrella term which encompasses many religions including certain sects of Buddhism, Neo-Druidism, Wicca, and even some forms of the Abrahamic religions. Witchcraft is one of the many forms of rituals practices which area associated with paganism. (Same Article)

blake griffin - the buffest

Crocodile Shears- were specifically used as a method to punishment for those who committed treason. This device disfigured or bled out the victim, primarily the male's penis.

nu-wproject: Setembro 2011 Fairy Tale

«In contrast to the female body, the male body is simply allowed to be: to fill the room, legs spread wide, adding its own sounds and scents to the air. To assume the right to be a little bit revolting – to spit on the street, to jokingly raise your arse cheek to fart – is, I would argue, a form of privilege. It expresses an ownership not just of the body, but of the space around it.»