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cute pic by @ramadhanifhr_ . Gak usah rebutan ya semua kebagian . #sugarglider #sugarglideracademy



cute pic by @docimolyomen . Hi guys why you all looks upside down? kok kalian semua pada kebalik ya? . #sugarglider #sugarglideracademy

cute pic by @shiheko . Papah temenin mamah belanja ya Oke say . Pasangan beda spesies . #sugarglider #sugarglideracademy #beardeddragon

At least the guy was honest. I used to sell PC's a long time ago. We had a "script" for the various upgrades, RAM, etc. Easiest sale I ever had was to a guy like this. "What do you mainly use your computer for?" "Downloading porn." "Well, all you really need is the extra memory and a fast WiFi connection then. Here ya go."

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