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This is the real truth they are trying to hide from us

The Obama agenda will one day find the faithful sheep un-useful, they will be slaughtered. Obama will call it "Good".

The purpose of the AMA, ADA and FDA is to destroy the American people in the name of helping them. By making the people chronically ill these agencies break any will to resist an American fascist tyranny (possibly to be led by the Jesuit-trained Knight of Malta, Patrick J. Buchanan) and the coming “New World Order” under the Jesuits’ “infallible” Pope.

If you behaved like your'd be arrested. ~ Truth. ~ RADICAL Rational American's Defending Individual Choice And Liberty


New Jersey

Lincoln knew what our likely downfall would be as a Nation. We are losing our grandchildren's freedom! One day they will fight and shed blood for what we have already! Unless Americans don't start to fight back and make their voices be heard a free America is lost! A couple of Democrats have admitted they want to make America Socialistic. America is lost!

There is no election. Folks are confusing television with reality. #puppidentialelection2016

(It's because we are inherently passed information that is said to be true yet not all is, and people are told to only listen to those who have impurities... We have solutions yet they want to hold onto their beliefs because they fear they'd lose their job or not know how to live without the things they're attached to, it's a perpetual cycle of illness)

Absolutely. I will NOT Be Blinded FROM THE T R U T H !!!! LIES KILL... TRUTH HEALS... AMEN!!

You should be ashamed. You're no longer a journalist or good Anchorman. Just sheep cow cowing the political Powers. Douchebags!!!