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Brony Pick-Up Lines: Fifty Percent Of The Time It Works Every Time

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Love this photo of @YayaHan as catwoman and @OJessicaNigri as Harley Quinn love these 2 cosplayers #ArkhamKnight

My Little Pony Cosplay My Little Pony. From left to right, seated last. Rainbow Dash (Victoria, Scruffy Rebel), Pinkie Pie (Becky, Aktrez), Rarity (Yaya Han), Applejack (Monika, London2191), Fluttershy (Jessica Nigri) and Twilight Sparkle (Riddle). Please don’t delete the source. We try and give the cosplayer the credit. Feel free to go tell them how cute their cosplay is though. ^_^

Lexington Comic Con 2016 'Break the Rules' Ft. Ani-Mia, Jessica Nigri & Yaya Han - Director's Cut - YouTube

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