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JRehling on Twitter: "Buffalo, NY was hit by snow so intense it looked like a wall, leaving up to 60 inches (1.5 meters). #BuffaloSnow"

People who live in the northern states are used to being hit with snowstorms in winter. However, it's not often that a town gets more snow in one day than some cities receive in an entire year. NY State Thruway in Buffalo this morning! #BuffaloSnow — FOX...

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The act of any groups of animals swarming together in unison appearing as one multi-individual creature is a behavioural process known as 'allelomimesis'. In wild bird populations, such gathering can often number thousands, even millions of birds! 'Allelo' (Ancient Greek) describes mutual relation to one another. 'Memesis' (

Imagine owning your home outright after finally paying off the bank. You're nearing retirement, and you're making plans to travel and visit the grandkids. Then one day, you get a letter from the government with an unexpected declaration: We now own your house. Russ Caswell, a 72-year-old business...