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Does your dog have food allergies? Do you know what the symptoms of food allergies in dogs are? This is a great point of reference for all dog owners.

Do you know the signs of arthritis in dogs? There's plenty of natural alternative remedies for dog arthritis other than prescription medications. Better for your dog and cheaper too!

Heart murmurs can be a sign of heart disease in dogs so learn about the symptoms, what conditions a breed is prone to, and how to boost your pet's heart health.

What is a Heart Murmur? Dog heart murmurs are abnormal sounds made by heart valve dysfunction. This dysfunction can be caused by a number of health issues, it can also cause a number of symptoms that can be a serious hindrance to a dog’s everyday life, such as dog heart murmur coughing. Here is a

You know to never leave your dog in a car, right? Check out these 5 fun alternatives! Click through for more details! Repin to keep pets safe this summer.

"slow down" bowls (to keep your dogs from eating too fast and potentially making themselves sick)