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Help Support Jackson's Law: Change the Laws Regarding Dogs Killing Other Dogs- Encourage Responsible Pet Ownership

Animals should have greater rights and be protected from abuse. We should encourage vegetarianism and veganism. Don't buy or use leather. Don't eat dead animals. Our society is selfish, eating animals for momentary pleasures. There are other sources of protein than dead animals. We must teach our children when they are young that they have choices not to eat dead animals.

Islamic traditions from the Hadith prohibit Islamists from owning or engaging with dogs, with certain exceptions. Not only are dogs abhorred but they are brutally killed. It is important to understand that no PETA, Human Society, SPCA, animal rights or rescue groups exist in Islamic countries. No legal protections against animal cruelty exist in Islamic […]

Funny Kinds of Love: The Ethics and Affects of Human-Animal Relationships

This breaks my heart. Stop #animal #abuse! and STOP buying animals when there are MILLIONS waiting at shelters...what do you think happens to them when they don't get adopted?!

Burying animals alive is cruel and should be prosecuted! | In June 2014, CNN aired a shocking undercover investigation of a North Carolina chicken factory farm called Prince Poultry that supplied to international corporate giant Pilgrim’s Corp. The video, shot by an undercover investigator with national animal protection group Compassion Over Killing, revealed horrifying abuses of hundreds of thousands of birds. Click for details and please SIGN and share petition. Thanks.

Do you live with a pet? The good news is that having a pet can help you stay young. Pets can encourage you to exercise more and can also improve your mood and sense of well-being.

Quick links to share the petition: Prosecute Mexican shelter employees that repeatedly hit dogs with clubs! |

Monterion Dionte Davis, from Forsyth in the U.S, tried to hack off this dogs head. A vet, Dr Caldwell, fought very hard to save her, and she was named Hope in the hope that she would pull through, but sadly she didn't make it. If you would like to, you can contact Dr Caldwell with thanks for his efforts, and with encouragement, at Caldwell Veterinary Hospital, 951 Hwy 41 S, Forsyth, Ga 31029. Phone: 478-994-8228, Fax: 478-992-8260.

Please encourage British MPs to speak out against the dog meat trade. Petition to sign below: you can come from any country to do this !